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1-year Ambassadors Course

AGRO RANGERS will create ambassadors of regenerative organic farming who will contribute to a change in the mindset of both farmers and consumers in Maharashtra. These ambassadors, we call them AGRO RANGERS, will demonstrate organic farming as a viable, attractive, dignified and ethical profession to small land holding farmers. The farmers will learn regenerative organic farming skills, and how to set up marketing distribution channels. Since many consumers around Pune city are aware of the ill effects of inorganically produced food, AGRO RANGERS will also create direct linkages between farmers and consumers for economic sustainability of farmers.

In this ranger camp, training and awareness programs for the Introduction of advantages of organic farming and differences between industrial and organic farming methods will be conducted.

The main goals are: Practical hands-on knowledge about organic farming and unlearning about industrial farming as well. The AGRO RANGERS will get continuous support from the organic farming expert and an on-farm visit from our organization. In this workshop, we will arrange an exposure visit to the organic farm model explained in the vegetable farm model, where the AGRO RANGER is running organic farming successfully.

We have arranged our first Ranger Camp successfully on 14 June 2020.